Institute for Economic and Social Research

IESR is strongly committed to the comprehensive training of our students. We seek to infuse them with a strong sense of global perspective, in-depth knowledge of economics field, as well as the competence to effectively solve various socioeconomic issues both in China and the world.

We offer high student-teacher ratio and English as the medium of instruction to our students. IESR provides each and every student with individualized mentoring, unlimited access to the institute's resources and full support in the research process. Training model that IESR embraced throughout the years has been adopted from the most celebrated USA universities, therefore enabling our students to reach out to their fullest potential here, and later on when studying abroad.

IESR offers Bachelor’s Degree in Economics which has been running since 2016. 



Compulsory courses


Mathematical analysis


Introduction to Frontiers of Economic Research I&II

Intermediate Microeconomics

Linear algebra

Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

Intermediate Macroeconomics


Computer Programming

Data Analysis and Statistics Software

Advanced Economic Mathematics

Research on Chinese Economic Issues

Economic Research Methods and Writing

English Writing

English Speaking

All courses are English-medium.

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