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4th HKUST – Jinan Joint Macro Workshop

Program Schedule

Keynote speeches:    1 hour + 15min Q&A

Other presentations:  45min presentation + 15min discussion + 15min Q&A


Day 1: August 12, 2021 (Thursday)

·        Morning Session (8:30-11am CST, 9:30am-12pm JST/KST, 10:30am-1pm AEST)

         Chair: Byoungchan Lee (HKUST)

         o   Keynote Speech by Yongsung Chang (Seoul National University)

         o   “Structural Change, Financial Frictions, and Selection into Entrepreneurship,”

              Ying Feng (National University of Singapore) with Jie Ren

               Discussant: Jiajia Gu (Jinan IESR)


·        Lunch Break (2 hours)


·         Afternoon Session (1-3:30pm CST, 2-4:30pm JST/KST, 3-5:30pm AEST)

          Chair: Jiajia Gu (Jinan IESR)

          o   Business cycles with cyclical returns to scale,”

                Byoungchan Lee (HKUST) with Jay Hyun and Ryan Kim

                Discussant: Zhesheng Qiu (City University of Hong Kong)

          o   “Tax Progressivity, Human Capital, and Consumption Insurance,”

                 Yunho (Simon) Cho (Jinan IESR) with James Morley and Aarti Singh

                  Discussant: Andres Bellofatto (University of Queensland)


Day 2: August 13, 2021 (Friday)

·         Morning Session (8:30-11am CST, 9:30am-12pm JST/KST, 10:30am-1pm AEST)

          Chair: Yunho Cho (Jinan IESR)

          o   Keynote Speech by Chris Edmond (University of Melbourne)

          o   “Managing expectations in a New Keynesian model,”

          Yang K. Lu (HKUST) with Robert G. King

           Discussant: Shengliang Ou (SHUFE)


·        Lunch Break (2 hours)


·         Afternoon Session (1-3:30pm CST, 2-4:30pm JST/KST, 3-5:30pm AEST)

          Chair: Yang K. Lu (HKUST)

          o   “Flattening of the Phillips Curve: Causes and Their Policy Implications,”

          Chen Kan (Jinan IESR)

          Discussant: Marc Dordal-i-Carreras (HKUST)

          o   “Repricing avalanches,”

          Makoto Nirei (University of Tokyo) with Jose Scheinkman

          Discussant: Denny Lie (University of Sydney)



This two-day workshop is jointly funded by Jinan University IESR and the Department of Economics of HKUST. The organizing committee for this year's workshop includes Yunho Cho (IESR, Jinan), Jiajia Gu (IESR, Jinan), Byoungchan Lee (HKUST), and Yang Lu (HKUST). 

For enquiry, please contact Yang Lu (

Invited Speakers
Chris Edmond, University of Melbourne (keynote)
Yongsung Chang, Seoul National University (keynote)
Yunho Cho, IESR, Jinan University
Yang K. Lu, HKUST
Makoto Nirei , University of Tokyo
Byoungchan Lee,HKUST
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