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The Institute for Economic and Social Research (IESR) was founded at Jinan University in December 2015. Since then, IESR has been leading in economics education, research, public service, and international cooperation. Operating under the leadership of internationally renowned scholars, including Professor Shuaizhang Feng as Dean and Professor James Heckman as Chair of the Advisory Board, IESR currently has 35 full-time faculty members, many of whom are graduates of renowned institutions such as the University of Chicago, London School of Economics and Political Scienc, Northwestern University, and University of California, Berkeley. Research at IESR covers all major economic fields, and undergraduate and graduate students receive rigorous training in economics. The Institute runs a Survey Data Center for data collection and management, and a Policy Research Center for policy analysis and evaluation.

  8   Centers 

        -Center for Labor Economics 

        -Center for International Trade and Firms 

        -Center for Real Estate and Regional Economics 

        -Center for Ecological Civilization and Environmental Economics  

        -Center for Econometrics and Microdata Practice 

        -Survey Data Center 

        -Center for Policy Research 

        -Center for Development and Exchange

 35   Full-time faculty members

214  Research papers published (or accepted)

 87  Research grants received

500+ Academic events

130  Undergraduate students

  42  Graduate students

  19  Master programs in Economics launched with 8 overseas universities

The mission of the Institute is to advance policy-oriented economic and social research by addressing pressing social and economic issues in China. Specifically, IESR aims to achieve the following objectives:

-Develop China-based research programs in applied economics and other fields 

-Collect original survey data related to China’s economic and social development 

-Build a leading Chinese think tank to inform and influence national policymaking 

-Guide IESR students to become future leaders in economic and social research 

-Facilitate academic exchanges between scholars in China and abroad

 (updated: May 2024)


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