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Celebration of 7th Anniversary of IESR


The Celebration of 7th Anniversary of IESR took place online on December 30. Over 100 participants attended the event, including faculty members, staff, students and alumni of IESR.


Prof. Shuaizhang Feng, Dean of IESR, delivered a congratulatory speech at the beginning of the event. He extended his gratitude to every member of IESR for their efforts and contributions to the development of the Institute in the past seven years, especially in the face of challenges brought by the pandemic. In the end, he expressed his best wishes to all the participants for the coming new year.


Professor Shuaizhang Feng delivered a speech


Professor Feng’s speech was followed by the review of the achievements of the Institute in 2022.


In terms of scientific research, it is with delight that eight more IESR projects were funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, including three projects financed by General Program, four by Young Scientists Fund and one by Research Fund for International Scientists. The total amount of the funding reached 3.35 million yuan. Moreover, economics at Jinan University was ranked 4th nationwide in 2022 Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects. 


Great progresses have also been made in students’ training. IESR launched “Talent Program under the background of Development New Arts and Humanities” and “Talent Program for International Organization” with the School of Economics and the School of Foreign Studies of Jinan University respectively with the purpose of improving students’ research competence and foreign language abilities. Moreover, IESR has witnessed high employability of its undergraduates and postgraduates.


In terms of academic exchanges, over 40 events were hosted online or on-site in 2022, including 6 international conferences, 5 Jinan Lecture delivered by world-renowned economists and 27 regular seminars. IESR also hosted the 6th Summer School on Socioeconomic Inequality in collaboration with the Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group (HCEO) of the University of Chicago led by Professor James Heckman, 2000 Nobel Laureate in Economics.


Accomplishments have also been made in the provision of policy consultancy, survey data collection and projects implementation.


Achievement Review reported by Representatives of the Area


At the end of the event, multiple prizes were awarded as recognition to the faculty, staff and students that made great contribution to the Institute or had an outstanding performance in the past year.

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