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The 4th Forum on Children of Migrants


The Institute for Economic and Social Research at Jinan University is organizing a virtual forum on children of migrants, which is being held under the theme New challenges faced by children of migrants under the shock of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. It is the 4th forum the IESR holds since 2017, thus creating a great platform for researchers and officials. The 4th Forum on Children of Migrants will be held in the morning of June 13 and 14, 2020. This forum consists of both policy discussions (June 13th, held in Chinese) and presentations of research papers (June 14th, held in English). 

Program for June 14

9:00- 12:00 (Beijing Time) Seminars



The Cumulative Impact of Parental Migration on Educational Attainment of Left-Behind Children in Rural China

Author(s): Yongqing Dong

Discussant: Zibin Huang



Parental Migration, Investment in Children, and Children’s Non-cognitive Development: Evidence from Rural China

Author(s): Hanchen Jiang and Xi Yang

Discussant: Yongqing Dong



Peer Effects, Parental Migration and Children’s Human Capital: A Spatial Equilibrium Analysis in China

Author(s): Zibin Huang

Discussant: Zhe Yang



Externalities of Parental Absence on Classroom Peers’ Personality Traits

Author(s): Shuaizhang Feng, Jun Hyung Kim and Zhe Yang

Discussant: Xi Yang



Jun Hyung Kim (Jinan University)


Each paper is allocated 45 minutes, which consists of 30 minute presentation by the author, 10 minute discussion, and 10minute Q&A.


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