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New Joint Master's Program Launched with the University of Arizona


Recently we have launched our 7th joint Master's program with the 5th university overseas – University of Arizona, offering students M.S. in Economics.

Other joint programs that we launched since 2017:

  • Texas A&M University (M.S. in Financial Econometrics and M.S. in Financial Economics)

  • Singapore Management University (M.S. in Financial Economics and M.S. in Applied Economics)

  • The City University of New York (M.S. in Real Estate)

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (M.S. in Economics)

All of these programs are designed for all senior undergraduate students in China, including those already holding a Bachelor's degree. Every semester we organize a preparatory course in economics (two times per year) to help students fully prepare for the Master's program they have chosen to partake in. 

IESR students also have a variety of other study abroad opportunities. Every year, on average 20% of our undergraduate (sophomore) and more than 30% of our graduate students go study abroad. In 2019, a number of IESR students got enrolled in well-known world universities, including University of Chicago, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, The University of Edinburgh, University of Birmingham, Brigham Young University, and Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

Study abroad experience is the absolute cornerstone of academic endeavors we wish to provide our students with. Hence, we do everything in our power to make it possible by opening the door to a world of opportunities that await students when studying overseas. 


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