Institute for Economic and Social Research

IESR Workshop on Family and Labor Economics 2018


Time: October 24th, 2018

Venue: 1F Meeting Room M2, Hamton by Hilton Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town



Keynote Address: Xin Meng, Australian National University

Intergenerational Behavioural Consequences of a Socio-Political Upheaval


Yue Yang, Xiamen University

College Expansion and Social Mobility in China


Sen Xue, Jinan University

Locus of Control and Labour Market Outcomes: Twins, Genetics and the Environment


Qing Wang, Peking University

Grandchild Care and Female Labor Supply: Evidence from a Child Care Expansion Program in China


Yi Chen & Zhe Yang, Jinan University

Outside Option, Commitment, and Intrahousehold Bargaining: Evidence from China's Divorce Law Change


Wei Huang, National University of Singapore

Non-linear Incentives and Worker Productivity: Evidence from a Quasi-experiment


Maoliang Ye, Xiamen University

The Long-term Effect of Early Adversity on Mental Well-being: Evidence from the 1959–1961 Great Famine in China


Bin Xie, Jinan University

Institutional Discrimination and Assimilation: Evidence from the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882


Huihua Xie, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

Labor Market Performance and National Language Proficiency: Evidence and Mechanism from Language Promotion Policies in China


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