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Our Student Yujian Chen Receives Full Ph.D. Scholarship from John Hopkins University


One of the best of our senior graduate students Yujian Chen this early March 2019 received a full Ph.D. scholarship for Economics from Johns Hopkins University – university that ranks among the top 10 schools in the U.S. We couldn’t be prouder!


IESR senior graduate student Yujian Chen

An offer from such a prestigious school in the U.S. is obviously a result of exceptional diligence and hard work Yujian Chen has put into his studies over the years. Besides, knowing exactly what he wants after graduating – which is pursuing Ph.D. in one of the best overseas universities with econometrics as a focus research area,  enabled him to prepare and apply for the scholarship way in advance.

Yujian also notes that his experience of being research assistant here at IESR was definitely one of the determining factors in securing this Ph.D. position in Johns Hopkins University. He started working here when he was in his final year of Bachelor’s degree. According to Yujian, it was a life-changing opportunity for him as a starting young researcher which has pushed him one step further towards achieving his ultimate goal.

On top of that, due to his assiduous work here at IESR both as a student and research assistant, Yujian Chen was able to get a number of outstanding recommendations letters from our scholars and professors, including one letter from one of the professors there at Johns Hopkins University – Robert Moffit. Yujian is confident that it has definitely played to his advantage in getting this scholarship.

Today, Yujian feels so grateful to IESR for such a strong and continuous support in the studying process as well as for all those many opportunities it has given in helping him grow professionally. Among all, Yujian especially feels thankful to our Prof. Ji-liang Shiu who has not only been a great mentor to him but also was the one who opened him the door to a world of research in the first place.


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