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Hanya Jie Awarded for the Outstanding Study Achievements


On May 9, 2019, our junior student Hanya Jie was awarded for the outstanding study achievements in JNU annual competition “5A Guiding Program of Jinan University”. This is a competition for undergraduate students who compete in 10 different categories, such as research, arts, leadership, and etc.


Hanya Jie holding the award

Hanya Jie believes that this award is not just about great study achievements but, on top of that, it signifies the ability to truly grasp what one’s learning and manage time efficiently to get the best results possible, no matter how many other responsibilities would lie on one’s shoulders. Today, Hanya is not only one of the most distinguished students here at IESR but she also acts as the class president.  

As Hanya points out, she always tries to step out of her comfort zone and to explore the possibilities that surround her. Indeed, this competition is definitely not the first one Hanya successfully participated in, and, we are absolutely sure, it will not be the last!

But her success is far from surprising. It is built on her diligence, strong commitment to purpose, and most importantly her confidence in herself to achieve whatever she sets her sight on. People have unlimited potential, thinks Hanya, and, to use it all, we just need to push ourselves forwards.


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