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Chicago-Jinan Joint Initiative Workshop 2018


On September 25, 2018, IESR scholars were joined by Prof. James Heckman and a researcher at Mathematica Policy Research Prof. Tim Kautz to share and discuss their latest research at the Chicago-Jinan Initiative Workshop 2018. Several outstanding presentations covering all-acompassing topics were delivered at the workshop, thus facilitating rigorous and fruitful discussion among the scholars.

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Discussion at the Chicago-Jinan Initiative Workshop 2018

Presentations given at Chicago-Jinan Joint Initiative Workshop 2018:

  • James Heckman – “American Inequality and Social Mobility Viewed Through a Danish Prism”;

  • Shuaizhang Feng – “Adjusting Labor Flows”;

  • Yi Chen – “Arrival of Young Talents Send-down Movement and Rural Education in China”;

  • Prof. Sisi Zhang – “Rising Household Income Inequality and Instability – Putting the Pieces Together”;

  • Tim Kautz – “The Effects of Situations on Measurements of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills Among Primary School Students in Shanghai”;

  • Prof. Shu Cai – “Trade Liberalization and Human Capital Acquisition: Evidence from China”;

  • Bin Xie – “Institutional Discrimination and Assimilation: Evidence from the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882”.


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