谷一桢(合作者:Chang Jiang, Junfu Zhang, Ben Zou),"Subways and Road Congestion," American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (2020)

摘要Subways and Road Congestion

近日,我院副教授谷一桢的合作论文“Subways and Road Congestion”(合作者:Chang Jiang, Junfu Zhang, Ben Zou)被国际顶级期刊American Economic Journal: Applied Economics接受发表。


We study whether subways alleviate road congestion by examining 45 subway line launches in China and using detailed data on road speed. Our difference-in-differences estimation finds that in the first year after a subway line is launched, rush-hour speed on nearby roads increases by about 4%. The effect is most prominent in initially-congested roads and declines over distance to the new subway line. Evidence on road speed is corroborated with substitution patterns among modes of transportation. Using auxiliary data from Beijing, we calculate that the time savings for each automobile or bus commute from faster speed is worth 0.1 USD.


谷一桢,现任暨南大学经济与社会研究院副院长、副教授,于2015年获得加州大学伯克利分校博士学位。他的研究领域为城市经济学、交通经济学、应用微观经济学,已有多篇研究成果发表于American Economic Review: Insights、American Economic Journal: Applied Economics、Review of Economics and Statistics、Journal of Urban Economics、Journal of Environmental Economics and Management等国际顶级期刊。