冯帅章, 韩昱洁(合作者:James J. Heckman, Tim Kautz), “Comparing the Reliability and Predictive Power of Child”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2022)

摘要Comparing the Reliability and Predictive Power of Child

近日,我院院长冯帅章教授、韩昱洁助理教授的合作论文“Comparing the reliability and predictive power of child, teacher, and guardian reports of noncognitive skills”(合作者: James J. Heckman, Tim Kautz)发表于国际顶级期刊Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)。


Children’s noncognitive or socioemotional skills (e.g., persistence and self-control) are typically measured using surveys in which either children rate their own skills or adults rate the skills of children. For many purposes—including program evaluation and monitoring school systems—ratings are often collected from multiple perspectives about a single child (e.g., from both the child and an adult). Collecting data from multiple perspectives is costly, and there is limited evidence on the benefits of this approach. Using a longitudinal survey, this study compares children’s noncognitive skills as reported by themselves, their guardians, and their teachers. Although reports from all three types of respondents are correlated with each other, teacher reports have the highest internal consistency and are the most predictive of children’s later cognitive outcomes and behavior in school. The teacher reports add predictive power beyond baseline measures of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) for most outcomes in schools. Measures collected from children and guardians add minimal predictive power beyond the teacher reports.