2020上财 — 暨南产业组织网络讨论会会议议程



本次网络讨论会由8次网络学术讨论组成,时间定为从6月10日开始至7月29日的每周三上午北京时间9:00至10:15。常规学术讨论会包含45分钟展示,15分钟Discussant,以及15分钟Q&A;在Rising Star讨论会中,每次会议包含两篇论文,每篇论文展示30分钟,讨论15分钟。


  •  以下为会议内容安排   

Jun 10, 2020

Luo, Yao (Toronto) - Labor Demand, Imperfect Competition, and Rent-Sharing: The Case of the Construction Industry 

Discussant: Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato (Duke University)

Jun 17, 2020

Rubens, Michael (KU Leuven) - Market structure, oligopsony power and productivity

Discussant: Hongsong Zhang (Hong Kong University)

Jun 24, 2020

Xiang, Jia (Penn State University) - Physicians as Persuaders: Evidence from Hospitals in China

Wang, Ao (CREST) - A BLP Demand Model of Product-Level Market Shares with Complementarity

Jul 1, 2020

Huang, Sunny (HKUST) - Building Reputation on Online Platforms

Discussant: Ginger Jin (Maryland)

Jul 8, 2020

Xin, Yi (Caltech) - Time-Varying Risk Aversion: Evidence from Near-Miss Accidents

Discussant: Yiyi Zhou (Stony Brook)

Jul 15, 2020

Tao, Xuezhen (SUFE) - Auction as a Learning Mechanism: Estimating the Impact of iPhone 5 Introduction on Secondhand iPhone 4S Transactions on eBay

Discussant: Ying Fan (Michigan)

Jul 22, 2020

Chen, Yanyou (Duke University) - Efficiency Gain from Mergers: Evidence from the U.S. Railroad Network

Li, Shaoteng (Queen's) - Dynamic Competition in Negotiated Price Markets

Jul 29, 2020

Han, Xintong (Concordia University) - An Empirical Study from a Question-and-Answer Platform

Discussant: Yufeng Huang (Rochester)

  • 会议主要组织人员(按姓氏字母排列):

Shuaizhang Feng, Jinan IESR 

Heng Ju, SUFE College of Business 

Mark Roberts, Pennsylvania State University 

Mo Xiao, University of Arizona 

Daniel Xu, Duke University