唐立鑫(合作者:Haichao Fan, Faqin Lin),"Minimum Wage and Outward FDI from China," Journal of Development Economics (2018)

摘要Minimum Wage and Outward FDI from China

近日,我院副教授唐立鑫的合作论文“Minimum Wage and Outward FDI from China”(合作者:复旦大学副教授樊海潮、中央财经大学副教授林发勤)被发展经济学领域顶级期刊Journal of Development Economics接受。


We construct a comprehensive manufacturing firm-level dataset to study the effects of minimum wage increase in China on firms’ probability of conducting outward foreign direct investment (outward FDI). Our baseline results show that the increase in minimum wage can explain about 32.3% of the growth in outward FDI from China over 2001–2012. We use three different strategies to address potential endogeneity concerns. First, we control for a number of local macroeconomic variables. Second, to rule out spatially-correlated confounding factors, we employ a regression design based on bordering cities across provincial borders. Lastly, we conduct a placebo test by studying the effects of minimum wage increase on FDI to tax-haven destinations. We then examine the heterogeneous effects of minimum wage increase. We find the effects on outward FDI to be stronger for more productive firms, those with foreign ownership, those in the more labor-intensive sectors, those located in the coastal region, for the years after 2004 and for production-oriented FDI projects.


唐立鑫现为暨南大学经济与社会研究院副教授。2010年毕业于美国贝茨学院,2015年获得马里兰大学帕克分校经济学博士学位。2015年至2018年就职于上海财经大学商学院(原国际工商管理学院)。研究领域为国际贸易学、发展经济学和宏观经济学。曾获马里兰大学经济系最佳三年级论文奖。已有研究成果发表于Journal of Human Resources。