About the Survey Data Center (SDC) The Survey Data Center (SDC) is based at the Institute for Economic and Social Research (IESR) at Jinan University. SDC strives to become a leader in the collection, synthesis and analysis of Chinese data, especially data from scientific sample surveys, using cutting-edge methods and technologies in study design, data collection, and data processing. Professor Shuaizhang Feng, the Dean of IESR, also holds the directorship of SDC.

SDC is starting to conduct several major projects covering topics including the Chinese labor market, rural-to-urban migration, and the development of children and youth. The center is developing partnerships with various international and domestic academic institutions and survey research centers. SDC has a strategic collaboration agreement with the Survey and Research Center for China Household Finance at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (http://chfs.swufe.edu.cn/), through which the two institutions share resources in survey operations, jointly develop data projects and policy research products.

SDC consists five divisions: Administration, IT Support, Survey Operations, Survey Methodology & Quality Control, and Research.

1. Administration: provides all administrative and logistic support to the Center.

2. IT Support: develops and maintains the computer-aided survey system and the sampling management system, builds and maintains the website of the Center, develops and maintains the background management system for data publishing and the data security system.

3. Survey Operations: organizes and conducts field surveys, including recruiting and training interviewers, developing and maintaining survey samples, etc.

4. Survey methodology & Quality Control: is responsible for the over design, management, and quality controls of the surveys, other duties including development and application of new survey methods.

5. Research: Provides research support for various projects, including questionnaire design, project management, preparation of technical documentation, etc.

The Center welcomes qualified individuals with suitable training and experience to join us. All inquiries and applications should be forwarded to iesr_job@163.com.